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Tamil, is one of the ancient languages of the world, still spoken by over 80 million people globally. It is a Dravidian Language and considered to be the oldest, which is still used predominantly in India and Sri Lanka, out of the four literary languages. Tamil carries a very old writing tradition with relatively a very little amount of drift or transformation till date and has its own alphabets. Learning and speaking the language, paves a gateway to explore more about the culture of India and Tamil Nadu.

According to linguists, Tamil, as a Dravidian Language, descends from Proto-Dravidian, which is believed to be spoken around the third millennium BC. The socio-linguistic status of Tamil is characterized by two registers, depending on the socio-economic status as, the high one and the low one. In addition to the various dialects, the language exhibits different forms: a classical literary style (Sankattamil), modern literary and formal style(Centamil) and a modern colloquial form (Kotuntamil).

Tamil has a very unique literary tradition that continues for about 2000 or 2500 years. The first known work in the Tamil Language – Tolkappiyam (5th Century BCE – 3rd Century CE), is a treatise on grammar and poetics. It is one language that have ruled its speaker sitting on the throne of Stone inscriptions and is still ruling sitting on the throne of Digital fonts - Tamil sustained all these extreme changes for all these times.

Adding to the glories, Tamil is the Official Language in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Singapore and Sri Lanka and also the national language of Sri Lanka. It is one of the mediums of instruction in Malaysia.

Canada officially declared January as the “Tamil Heritage Month”. The Tamil Thai Valthu – “A song in praise of Mother Tamil” is sung on every public gathering or special occasions in Tamil Nadu.

Apart from all these, “Mahakavi” Bharathiyar, a proficient in English, Sanskrit, French, Bengali & Hindi, praised the beauty of the language as follows:

“Yamarintha moligalile tamil moli pol inithavathu engum kaanom"

which means,

“I cannot find a more charismatic language than Tamil anywhere in the world”

What more of approval does an individual require to start the course of learning the beautiful language and getting to realize the glories of TAMIL.

The structure of Tamil language has speciality in the following linguistic aspects: Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Stylists and Etymology.

Apart from these, there are many other unique attributes of Tamil, you will realize when you begin to learn it.

This website, offers learning the most ancient language at the luxury of your home with – “SPOKEN TAMIL” (replace the course name). These are AUDIO courses, that will help you learn and acquire the fundamentals of the Tamil Language, so as to build a concrete foundation to gain command over the language. Course Objectives:

On completion of this course, you will feel at home in a Tamil Speaking State/ Country and gladly move around with the locals.

This course will help you learn:

• Basic Tamil grammar intuitively and step by step

• Tamil words used in everyday context

• Conversations that revolve around a particular location

• A concrete knowledge of the spoken language